Root Canals

If caries or a fracture invades the nerve, the tooth needs Root Canal Therapy. Sometimes the patient comes to the dentist with a chief compliant of pain or infection. If there is no pain, we find it through a diagnostic X-ray and clinical exam.

During the procedure the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth and nerve, making sure to thoroughly clean and shape the space left. Then a rubbery material (Gutta-percha) seals the canal and is followed by a filling material. The tooth will be fragile as it dehydrates after a root canal treatment, so covering with a crown is usually recommended.Taking some medication might be necessary after your appointment. The treatment may be done in a single visit or be completed in another session.

So if you’re looking for dental clinic in Aldie, VA, which specializes in root canal therapy, feel free to contact us!

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